Being a church plant, God has blessed us through the gifts of others to get us to where we are today.  We believe God has a plan to use those blessings to bless others.  Why?  Because BLESSED PEOPLE, BLESS PEOPLE.  God has given to us EXTRAVAGANTLY through His Son, Jesus and we want to be a church that GIVES EXTRAVAGANTLY. 

The Bless Back Project was the vision of several church planters who together felt they could bounce ideas of blessing their community off of each other.  What came about was one Sunday where every member of our church was given an envelope with various denominations of money from $20 to $500 and were tasked with praying for and finding a person or family in Marshall to bless.  

The second opportunity came when we challenged the church to GIVE BIG and we would take a special two week MIRACLE CHRISTMAS OFFERING and bless a family in the Marshall community with all of the gift.

The second opportunity led to the Lord leading us to this opportunity which is simply called "ITS A DOLLAR."  Every week we are encouraging every family member to bring $1 to place in our "ITS A DOLLAR BOX" during our Take Two moment in the worship service.  The math works simply by addition...The last Sunday of every month we will call out one family member to take the money brought in from the "ITS A DOLLAR" offering and find a person or family in Marshall to bless.